Volunteering with RRP

Our Partnership is made up of volunteer teams with opportunities for almost every skillset and time allowance. If you are interested in joining a volunteer team, go to the link below for an application!

Transportation Committee

Provides transportation to vital appointments (doctor, housing, etc.) as needed. They will also assist refugees in navigating the bus system.


Education / ESL

Help register adult refugees in classes that best fit their schedule, provide transportation to sessions, and provide in home tutoring


Community Outreach

Helps organize fundraising activities. We would not exist without the support of our volunteers and donations from the community.

Job Training

Help refugees find jobs, assist with paperwork, and find work-appropriate clothing.


Family Mentor

The members of this team will plan, organize, and facilitate outings and experiences for our families.  Examples to include trips to a park, local museums, music events, libraries, movies, and cultural events.


Medical and Mental Health

Assess refugee needs related to medicine and mental health. They set up appointments, go to doctor's appointments, and/or make sure a translator is present. They will also provide in home follow-up to ensure they are taking medications appropriately